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Huckabee to Address 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in June

The Republican Leadership Conference website has a bio of Huckabee as a speaker up here.

Register for the event which will be held in New Orleans June 18th and 19th here.

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JPost: ADL trivializes the Holocaust in Huckabee attack

Read the full article at Jerusalem Post. Below is an excerpt:

TWO WEEKS ago, Mike Huckabee – who in the past two decades has become a respected US governor, presidential primary candidate and immensely popular TV personality in the US – was moved to recount this special story inter alia in his address on the American economy and the national debt crisis at the annual National Rifle Association convention.

One would have to look long and hard to find anyone in Israel who would not find this poignant episode moving. Not every American Christian visits the Jewish state, or brings his family, or accepts the personal mission of conveying the lessons of the Shoah to his offspring.

Incredibly, unfathomably, one leading Jewish organization put aside all other problems of the day to respond sharply to Huckabee’s comments. Its statement did not laud the man, who happens to be one of the strongest Republican “pre-candidates” for the 2012 presidential elections.

In fact, the ADL shrilly lambasted Huckabee, saying the Holocaust “should never be used as political talking points,” and sternly advising him to “weigh his words more carefully.”

I am a big fan of the ADL and the vital work it does, but artificially stretching its perspective to criticize a man who is undeniably one of Israel’s staunchest and most effective supporters is not only wrong and foolish. It actually trivializes the Holocaust.

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Huckabee: Wake-up call to America’s air traffic controllers and government

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Huckabee on Obama’s Attack on GOP Spending Cuts

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Huckabee: Israel Feels Abandoned

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Huckabee on Freedom in Education

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Huckabee discusses the White House’s delicate handling of the Egypt crisis

From Huckabee’s appearance with Greta tonight…

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Video: Huckabee on States’ Budget Woes

From today, 1/28/2011.

Video Description: Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee, (R-AR), on the growing budget crises facing states across the country:

Watch at:

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Video: Huckabee on Egypt

Thanks to Christian Heinze at for this clip.

From January 28th, 2011.

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Casting Crowns on Huckabee Program

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